Most of us spend up to eight hours a day working. And whilst we are often alongside other people, the pandemic has meant that a lot of us have had to work from home for extended amounts of time. So at hackajob we think it makes sense to do our roles the best we can which is why we've collated our top 5 ways to make yourself stand out whilst working from home.

People who love what they do often have a strong desire to succeed in their job, which helps both themselves and the company they work for. This is why we love connecting technical talent with companies who are hiring (find out more on that here). The pandemic has proven even to the most rigid companies that working from home can always be an option. However it can be a lot more difficult to make yourself stand out when you've never even seen your co-workers and managers face to face. We thought about ways of getting noticed in the workplace and this is what we came up with:

1. Be helpful

We were all newbies once that relied on co-workers when we needed something. Helping colleagues in need will not only make someone’s day a lot better but it will also make you stand out. Being the go-to person will also improve your communication skills and highlight your experience and expertise. Managers appreciate employees who take the time to mentor other team members, especially if they are doing this without being asked.

2. Your ideas matter

And not only that, but they also help others realise what an important asset to the company you are. Share your thoughts and give feedback whenever you have the chance - this way you will show that you are involved and you care about making things work better. Whether your ideas improve a process, product, or they just flag aspects that can be updated, they will have a positive impact and will be appreciated.

3. Never stop growing

Take a look at the market and check what the most important skills in your domain are. The internet is filled with courses that can help you upskill and become more knowledgeable. If you are interested in tech recruitment, you can take a look at our Tech Recruitment Training here. You can also participate in webinars and online events to stay up to date with the most recent trends. Spending time improving yourself shows that you are passionate about your career and that you are open to change. You can also grow by embracing the unknown and taking on responsibilities that are outside your comfort zone. And with 2022 just around the corner, there's never been a better time to try this.

4. Take initiative

Be bold and speak your mind, maybe there are leadership skills hidden underneath your fear. Taking initiative will make you stand out from the crowd of people that are just waiting for the day to pass. It will also show how committed, action-oriented and proactive you are. Furthermore, it will make you think outside the box and enhance your problem-solving abilities. Successful people find opportunities for growth in every situation, all you have to do is be brave.

5. Don’t overwork yourself

Research over a 20-year period shows that overworking yourself can lead to a variety of diseases - depression, hypertension, and anxiety to name just a few. In order for you to be productive, you need to have a healthy work-life balance.

Yes! You have permission to also enjoy your time outside of work. Companies need people that are there for the long run, not burned out after a week. So don’t exhaust yourself trying to do more than you physically (or psychologically) can, because it will leave you disappointed and frustrated. Covid has shown how important mental health is and how easy it can be to forget to take a break. So stay hydrated, get up from your desk from time to time and work for your dreams in a healthy way.

And...that's it! Ready to put your new tips into action? The good news is you can do so in a new tech role you love. Head on over here to be matched with a company that suits you.

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