Stack Overflow Jobs has been a staple for Developers looking for their next tech role as well as companies looking to hire technical talent. But like most good things, they've come to an end. They shared their news in a post outlining the timescale to be expected and which features would be lost (hint: all of them):

"On March 31, 2022, we will discontinue Stack Overflow Jobs and Developer Story. This includes all job listings, saved searches, applications, messages, recommended job matches, job ads, developer story, saved resumes, and the salary calculator."

And with the closure of GitHub's job board last year, we know you may be thinking "So what happens next?". Well, whether you're trying to get hired as a developer, or you're wondering how you can reach amazing candidates, we've got you covered here at hackajob. Here's our top tips for moving forward to ensuring you still get the outcome you hoped for.

If you're looking for your next tech role, here's what you can do:

We know how it is; you're looking to level up and score the tech role of your dreams but you don't necessarily have all the time in the world to just send off multiple applications whilst keeping up your day job. So why not let the roles come to you? hackajob makes it easy as pie, and with our dedicated support team, you can land your next role in as little as 3 weeks (from sign up to job offer!). We're also proud to have skills tests and a place to upload your own projects to showcase to potential employers.

Stack Overflow Jobs was great for developers as there was never a shortage of jobs for whichever language or framework you use. Well, with many trusted and reputable companies such as Starling Bank, Funding Circle, BBC & Sainsbury’s and more, hackajob is keeping the flame burning. In the past year alone we had a hire made every 83 minutes, and one of these really could be you.

Don't just take our word for it...

We're eager to help you get the job you deserve without having to move a mountain to get it. That means relevant jobs only, top employers and of course a helping hand. And as our platform is based on your skills, not your CV - it's never been easier to progress in tech. Sign up to hackajob today here.

If you're looking to hire technical talent, here's what you can do:

Get the right people for your team using hackajob. One great thing about Stack Overflow Jobs is that they had a wide range of developers looking for roles. So does hackajob; with engaged candidates, a range of products (including Brand and Source) to suit your company needs and dedicated support, you'll be surprised you didn't partner with us sooner.

The proof's in the pudding, so enquire about a 30 day trial here.

We genuinely love what we do, and with years of experience, we can help make the transition from Stack Overflow Jobs much easier. Whether you're experienced in hiring technical talent or you still need some support, we cut down the time it takes to find amazing talent to join your team.

We love what we do - so why not try us out?

Whilst we are sorry to see the end of Stack Overflow Jobs, we're pleased that our platform can keep hope alive. You can check us out here.

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