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When it comes to hiring new employees, one of the most vital parts is to keep your hiring costs low. Of course, it’s key to make sure that the quality of your hires doesn’t dwindle, but we think that there are ways to do this without having to zip up your purse strings entirely. Here are our top tips to make your hiring cost effective.

Grow your talent pipeline
When looking to hire for a lot of tech roles, you’ll need to develop and grow a strong talent pipeline. The traditional talent pipeline method is more of a divide and conquer strategy and looks to have people on standby in case one of your key players’ leaves, but we think that you should approach your talent pipeline differently.

Instead of using it as a replacement approach, we recommend growing your pipeline based on the goals and growth of the company. Think about the stages that your business will go through in the coming year. Perhaps you need to build more components for your product or service, or are planning to expand in a new area. Whatever the mission is, you’re going to need to source tech talent to make it happen. To grow your pipeline you should:

  • Plan ahead. Analyse the future needs of your business and work out your company goals, making sure to factor in things like how many roles you will need to hire for in the future. Then conduct a ‘what if’ analysis, looking at what the impact could be if you fail to reach your growth goals.
  • Think about ways to attract new talent to your company. Many businesses (particularly new start-ups) offer lots of benefits and incentives including things like funding towards learning, internal coaching and even the opportunity to work in a different office around the world. What can you offer to make your company look even more attractive?
  • Find a tech platform or service that can manage the entire experience for you. At hackajob, we help companies find the best tech talent by using our AI to match candidates to companies based on the quality of their code.

Go Digital
Whilst we’re not encouraging you to never, ever meet a candidate in person, a great way to cut costs down the line is to turn some of your hiring strategy digital. Look to the internet, specifically the power of social media, to get your hiring message out there. When it comes to interviews, conduct initial screening calls and get candidates to complete technical tests. That way, you’ll have a good idea of their ability and skills before going further with a ‘culture-fit’ interview in person. To make your hiring strategy digital we suggest:

  • Making the most of social media. Tap into your existing followers by posting organic content advertising for roles, particularly making use of your company LinkedIn page.
  • Interviewing remotely. Whether it’s scheduling an initial phone interview or opting for a Skype call, you don’t have to meet your candidates in the first instance. Instead, get a feel for them and how they react under pressure by really listening to how they answer your questions.
  • Technical testing. The ultimate way to know if a candidate has the skills you are looking for, send them a technical test relating to their area of expertise. hackajob’s platform is full of technical challenges for candidates to complete, including a Star Wars challenge where candidates have to create a resource detailing which characters appear in which films.

Automate your candidate testing

When looking at cutting costs whilst also hiring at scale, automating candidate testing is one way forward. This way, you’ll know that you’re getting quality candidates and they’ll be scored on their skills instead of their CV alone. Doing the hard work for you, technical products such as these are efficient and will make your life easier in the following ways:

  • Candidate communication. Keeping everything together, automated hiring platforms make communication with candidates simple. With everything from initial chats to interview scheduling and feedback all in one place, automated platforms like hackajob integrate seamlessly within your existing stack, meaning it’s easier than ever to keep track.
  • Screen talent on your behalf. Take hackajob as an example. Our AI matches the best candidates to you and you can test them within the product to minimise the back and forth and associated costs that come with an assessment.
  • Reduce unnecessary costs. Making your team more efficient, automating your recruitment offering enables you to cut costs without cutting corners. The fees you pay are available upfront and they’re always cheaper than recruiters. It’s a no-brainer.
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