Workplace diversity isn't just a buzzword - it's a must-have. It's about getting different perspectives in the mix and making good business sense. That's why we're shining a light on Dunelm, a company that's leading the way in diversity and inclusion. So, let's take a page from their book, shall we?

From Samuel's wild ride building their e-commerce website to Luca's fierce advocacy for embracing individuality and Marta's dedication to creating a safe and creative space for their team, Dunelm celebrates its LGBTQIA+ colleagues' unique journeys.

Part I: Samuel's Software Engineering Placement Journey with Dunelm

Meet Samuel, Placement Software Engineer at Dunelm

This is the story of how Samuel joined the TCB squad at Dunelm! It all started in July of last year - he was a little nervous, but mostly excited to join a big company and work on their e-commerce website.

From day one, he was thrown into the deep end of all sorts of new technologies, especially cloud infrastructures. But he wasn't alone! His teammates were an amazing bunch who were always willing to help me learn and grow.

His first big project was integrating Apple Pay into the website. With loads of pair programming, he made some front-end contributions that really made a difference. But that was just the beginning. He soon was tasked with working on the Klarna integration, both front-end and back-end. Talk about a learning experience! And just when he thought he couldn't handle any more, he dove into the development of Pay By Link, another payment method. Each project made him more confident in my skills and ready to tackle more interesting work.

But the icing on the cake was his involvement in the Donations feature. He worked on everything from creating the first tickets on the board to the last bits of deployment. And you know what? They got over 100 donations on the first day of release! It was an incredible feeling to know that he was able to make a positive impact through technology.

Part II: A Journey of Empowerment

Meet Luca, QA Engineer and LGBTQ+ Network Colleague at Dunelm

Meet Luca, a QA Engineer who joined Dunelm in 2021. Luca's journey within the Fintech team has been nothing short of awe-inspiring, showcasing versatility and excellence in every step. Beyond professional accomplishments, Luca's active involvement in numerous LGBTQ+ events has been a beacon of inspiration, including a memorable encounter with Carl Austin, the former Mayor of Manchester and an RAF member.

Passionate about promoting authenticity and acceptance, Luca stands as a fierce advocate for embracing individuals for who they truly are. Amidst the pursuit of gender equality, Luca's efforts resonate powerfully in our ever-evolving world.

At Dunelm, Luca's presence has been extraordinary, excelling as a trailblazer in QA prowess and advocating for inclusivity. Luca believes that the sky is the limit and sees this journey at Dunelm as only the beginning of what their community can achieve.

Part III: Celebrating Marta - Empowering Diversity

Meet Marta, Delivery Manager and LGBTQ+ Network Colleague at Dunelm

Allow us to introduce Marta, an Agile Delivery Lead at Dunelm, who has been making a significant impact since joining the company in the spring of 2021. Her mission centers around continuously enhancing Dunelm's work processes and delivery.

Marta firmly believes that happy individuals deliver better quality work. Thus, she dedicates herself to fostering a safe and creative environment for her team. As an active member of Dunelm's Gender Equality and LGBTQ+ Colleague Networks, she takes great pride in the company's support for diversity. For Marta, being part of a company that embraces and supports its colleagues' diverse backgrounds is a source of immense joy.

An ally and an essential member of the LGBTQ+ community, Marta actively engages with individuals, celebrating their brilliance, vulnerability, and strength. This year's Pride theme of allyship resonates deeply with Marta, recognizing the challenges that come with it. However, thanks to the incredible community at Dunelm, she has found her place and takes pride in being a supportive voice for her colleagues.

Dunelm stands proudly with all its LGBTQ+ colleagues, celebrating their unique journeys.

Interested in joining the team?

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